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Black Closing Marubozu

In case of Black Closing Marubozu,the close price is the lowest price of that underlying stock for that session,however open price is not the highest price. This means that, there were many market participants ready to sell the underlying stock at any price during the session and due to this high supply the price keptContinue reading “Black Closing Marubozu”

Candlestick Patterns

Candlestick patterns are very popular tool in trading, and because of their catchy names and easily recognizable shapes, they are one of the most powerful tools a trader can use. Being said that, It doesn’t mean that once you understand candlestick patterns,you will never loose any of your trade ever again. Please note that thereContinue reading “Candlestick Patterns”

Introduction to Candlesticks

We might not believe it but Candlesticks have been around a lot longer than anything similar in the world. The Japanese were using charts in the 17th century to trade rice, whereas the people stated using charts for trading in US only around late 19th Century.   Most of the credit for candlestick development andContinue reading “Introduction to Candlesticks”